For investors

Emobility Solutions as an attractive investment prospect

Our projects have compelling investment prospects, with features that make them captivating investment opportunities for foreign and domestic banks, money and capital market players. 

Innovation opportunities for our partners

European cooperation to build 200 charging stations
Emobility Solutions is represented at 23 locations along highways and main roads in Hungary.

As the Hungarian partner in an international consortium project for the development of charging parks in 8 EU member states worth around 110 million euros, Emobility Solutions will be responsible for the construction and operation of 80 150 kW and 12 350 kW charging stations at 23 locations in Hungary if the tender is successful. The future locations of the charging parks are located along priority transport routes, the so-called TEN-T corridors. The project was classified as eligible for funding by the Hungarian government in Government Decision 1469/2023. To finance the project, the consortium has submitted a call for proposals to the EU's Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility (AFIF). In addition to the installation of the chargers, the project aims to further develop the infrastructure through additional investments to ensure that the energy used for charging comes from 100% renewable sources (self-production) and that the locally generated energy is stored on site through energy storage. The vision is that the implementation of all elements of the project will demonstrate that the impact of high-power charging parks on the electricity grid can be significantly reduced so that they can be deployed at much higher densities, in greater numbers and in a cost-effective manner. 


Take care of the environment

Our projects help reduce fossil fuel pollution and prevent climate change.


Long-term, secure and profitable investments

Due to the global demand for energy, our investments remain stable over time.


Innovation and job creation

Our initiatives promote innovation and job creation.


Long-term cost savings

Green energy initiatives (solar and wind energy) can virtually always save money. Maintaining facilities associated with free energy sources is usually cost-effective.


Diversified state support

Many governments grant tax rebates, subsidies and regulatory incentives for green energy projects, which improves the profit forecast.


Predictability and reliability

Green energy sources are not affected by geopolitical or market fluctuations, making them a reliable source of energy.