Knowledge and preparedness. Expertise and dedication.

Higher energy prices are posing new challenges for economic actors. It is now almost impossible to run companies and businesses cost-effectively without complex systems. This requires EV chargers, photovoltaic systems and battery storage to work as a well-designed whole. A well-designed solar panel-charger cluster storage can help coordinate energy production and consumption, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Lead the way and install green charging stations for electric vehicles as soon as possible! Emobility Solution is a reliable and renowned service provider for any type of charging station installation.


Independent distribution of a brand

We customise our services to help our customers find the right product, product group or service, from residential chargers to lorry chargers (350+ kW).


Product variety and selection

We offer equipment from different manufacturers, giving our customers a wide range of options from which they can choose the solution that best suits their needs and tastes.


Purchase options that are versatile

We can source products from multiple manufacturers through a single point of contact, which significantly shortens and simplifies the procurement process.


Advice and expertise

As a brand-independent dealer, we are unbiased when it comes to the products we sell. This allows us to support our customers in product selection, configuration and integration.


Constant communication with manufacturers

We have a wide and up-to-date network of connections with various manufacturers, which enables us to obtain the latest technologies and goods almost immediately and without delay.


Professional aftersales service

We do not leave our customers in the lurch after they have completed a transaction. As a certified/authorised service partner of the major European charger manufacturers, we offer services (based on an advanced SLA system), product support (including ex-stock) and after-sales service in Hungarian. Our partners include the world's leading charger manufacturers.

What are the general advantages
of the charging stations we sell?

01 Quick installation

We can check the possibilities and deploy our devices quickly.

02 Long-term warranty

We offer a multi-year warranty on our products (which can be extended on request).

03 Compatibility

The backend integration of our chargers is solved.

04 Outstanding quality

Reliable operation and high quality are the main criteria when selecting the brands we sell.

From planning to operation
Service and operation of electromobility

More than ten years of market experience and knowledge

We know how to offer electric vehicle drivers the best possible charging experience.

We don't just serve the domestic market

We have extensive experience and contacts in Europe. Our team of experts is up to date with the latest trends, product innovations and research results.

Even a small job can be a big professional challenge!

We are also happy to be at the disposal of owners of "mini projects"! We have built and commissioned charging stations ranging from low power charging stations to industrial size charging stations.

Professional development and continuous learning

Our highly qualified professionals are constantly learning thanks to extensive training courses offered by our partner companies.

Sanctify the deadline

We always deliver our installations on time. That's a professional minimum.

We know our way around the industry

We have extensive knowledge of all the technical intricacies and trade secrets. We are very familiar with both installation and operation.

Authorised and certified service provider

Thanks to our expertise, experience and references, we are recognised by manufacturers as a certified ("approved") service partner.