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With limited or no independent charging options at home, more and more EV drivers are using public charging stations. That's why we often work with developers and owners of commercial and industrial sites to design and implement state-of-the-art charging infrastructure in office buildings, petrol stations, leisure and hospital buildings and residential complexes.

Electric vehicles are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to vehicles with conventional engines, but one of their biggest problems is maintaining battery charge and the availability of charging infrastructure. Chargers for electric cars at home and in businesses offer a viable solution to this problem, benefiting both users and society as a whole.

of chargers and charging stations

For accommodation providers

For restaurants

For workplaces and construction sites

For housing estates and condominiums

For fleet and leasing companies

For municipalities

For petrol stations and shopping centres

For logistics centres

How do we
plan projects?


Defining the objectives

We define the objectives and expected results of the project.


Create a project plan

We draw up a project plan that includes the schedule, tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, budget and resource requirements.


Project management

We use modern technologies to help monitor the project, coordinate the work and manage changes and risks.



Create a project budget, including expenditure and revenue estimates and financial forecasts.


Resources and personnel

Determine the resources required to complete the project.


Ongoing contacts

We ensure excellent communication during project planning and consulting.


Quality assurance

We use inspection and quality control systems to ensure that quality standards and expectations are met.


Risk management

We carry out risk assessments on an ongoing basis.


Performance measurement and evaluation

At the end of the project, the achievement of the set goals is evaluated.