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Entering the world of electromobility can be daunting at first. To help you, we've put together a short summary to guide you through the process.



Process of charging



Point of charge

The charging


AC chargers (with type 2 plug): normally have a maximum charging power of 22 kW. Depending on the model, they are ideal for home or business use. They take up little space and can be mounted on the wall or on a console.

Fast chargers: Fast chargers have an output power of 25 kW to 50 kW. They are used in the parking lots of large shopping centers and along main roads (either in the city or in parking lots on main roads). These chargers can be equipped with three types of plugs (Type2, CCS2, CHAdeMO) that comply with European standards and can be used to charge almost all electric car models sold in Europe.

Ultra-fast charging stations: Ultra-fast charging stations charge electric vehicles with direct current (DC chargers with CCS2 or CHAdeMO connection). These chargers offer a charging power of 150 kW+. This means that electric vehicles can be charged in a short time, which is why these charging stations are mainly installed on highways.

The charging time depends on the battery of each electric vehicle, as well as the performance of the charger.

Charger types

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Chargepoint ID

The so-called charging point identifier is located at the plug of the charging equipment (above/below/below).

Example: EN*EMS*E12001*1

This identifier will help you to identify in the application exactly from which socket (charging point) you want to start charging. In case of a fault report, entering the charging point identifier will help you to identify the location/charging point and the fault more quickly.

Start/stop charging


Via applcation

You can start charging after registration via the app by selecting the appropriate location and charging point.


By scanning the QR code

After registering in the app, you can start the charging process by scanning the QR code on the charger display or on the sticker on the charging station.


With RFID key

Recharge at the touch of a button!

For even more convenience, you can also start the charging process with an RFID key. All you have to do is hold the RFID key to the charger and the charging process starts as soon as your vehicle is connected to the charger.

You can request an RFID key after registering in the app via the app: a. Settings menu item - send feedback b. by e-mail to helpdesk@esols.eu (Subject: RFID key request).

Stop charging

  1. You can stop the charging process at any time, even remotely via the app.
  2. Use the RFID key: Tap your RFID key on the charger and press the Stop button on the charger's display.

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